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Work Horse Temps is a Direct Hire, Skilled Labor and Payroll company

Horsepower. All day. Every day.

About WorkHorse Temps


Work Horse Temps is a 100% minority, combat/disabled veteran owned company, who provides Direct hire, Skilled labor and Pay rolling services. We currently service the South East United States and Texas. 

Experienced with: Davis Bacon / Certified Payroll Projects


Work Horse Temps is a SAFETY FIRST COMPANY. There are no exceptions or allowances of any unnecessary risks towards any of our employees and ALL measures of safety will be enforced at all times.


Our goal is to help compliment your company’s staff without having you make a significant investment of time, personnel or money. We maintain a professional team that can handle all aspects of the interviewing, screening and the placement process. Our team combines years of successful experience as Directors, Managers and fully understand the difficulty of staffing your company.


Work Horse Temps is a 100% e-verify participant who conducts routine drug testing and background screening on our Direct hire and Skilled labor employees.


We are a professional team of individuals who brings to the table a true sense of diversity, experience and professionalism. Our team represents the demographics of today’s business arena and our primary function is to recruit and place top level candidates while catering to the strictest demands of our clients long/short term temporary staffing needs.

Work Horse Temps can assist your company with: bids and contracts that require specialized skill sets, risk involvement and certifications that your company, may or may not, currently have.

Our Services


Work Horse Temps management team, brings years of experience and discipline, but most of all “industry management experience”. Our management team will ask those difficult questions that most of our competitors would not know or understand. The team can also assist your company with recruiting, especially dealing with sensitive areas such as Diversity, Veteran and Bilingual placements. We provide top level care and management for either division which are Direct hire or Skilled Temp labor. Work Horse Temps “Pay rolling Division” can help company’s with issues regarding pay rolling and workers comp issues. This service is provided on a case by case basis.

Direct Hire

The Direct Hire division screens and recruits top notch candidates and professionals.

Skilled Labor

We recruit, screen and verify ALL of our Skilled Labor Professionals.

Payroll Division

The Payroll Division assists companies with workers comp and payroll funding issues.